Rachel Dolezal Lied Because She Wanted to be Black, Not a Friend to Blacks

Rachel Dolezal (Image from www.cnn.com)

I cannot be silent any longer on Rachel Dolezal, especially on the “she shouldn’t have lied rhetoric” coming — interestingly — from as many white as black “haters” on social media:
Stop it. All of you.
If — as she has maintained — IF Dolezal truly wanted to be black she could not say she was white and you durn well know it.
The whole identity, the feeling of truly being “in the struggle,” the being embraced as a true “sister” comes from saying and believing, in your heart, that you are black.
Sure. I’ll give her mental illness. (Though most of us have some degree of it but I digress…).
But, my overarching question is this: Why do you care?
And where did this woman do any of you any harm, whatsover, by working hard for the NAACP, raising two black boys, socializing in black circles and, until very recently, happily living her life as a black person?

[Image and following story from www.cnn.com] http://cnn.it/1JV7tHS

— This is a post reprinted from Janita Poe’s personal Facebook page and fan page.