I think #CorporalPunishment is wrong and I support #BaltimoreMom

Baltimore Mother Toya Graham became a heroine almost from the moment the first video of her roughing up her son for rioting Monday emerged on social media.

But, just a day later, it seems, some commenters are questioning her use of corporal punishment and the rush to crown Graham with titles such as “Heroine” and “America’s Favorite Mom.”

I don’t buy that routinely “beating” your kids makes them good because I know a ton of black folks who do and their kids have more issues than the majority of children of parents — black, white, other — I know who oppose corporal punishment.

However, I support Graham’s decision to use physical punishment in disciplining her quite-taller-than-her teenage son when she discovered he was in the streets looting and rioting because this was an extreme incident calling for extreme action.

I simply do not think she would have gotten the message across — or, frankly, successfully removed him or even herself from the scene — by politely asking him to leave.

Graham is a heroine because she wasn’t afraid to go against the party line at that moment that said rioting was the way to express the community’s outrage over the mysterious death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray on April 19.

I love her for being outraged and, frankly, “humiliating” her son in front of his peers because she expects better of him even if “the other kids are doing it.”

Handle your business, Ms. Graham.

#BaltimoreRiot #corporalpunishment

[Image from US Magazine story: http://ow.ly/MhH6r%5D